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If you’re experiencing issues and you don’t know what the problem is exactly this troubleshooting page is for you. Provide us with the details of the malfunction or what you consider to be a problem with your sauna.

In order to help us troubleshoot the problem with your sauna please provide the following details:
  • Make and model of the sauna in question
  • Describe the problem providing extensive detail. What stopped working and when, what kind of action preceded the appearance of the issue.
  • If the problem made the sauna change in they way it operates such as excess noise, or trembling or any other noticeable part malfunctioning, please include that.
  • If you know what parti in particular stopped working or is working incorrectly, tell us.
  • In addition, please add a picture if you can.

We hope to be of help and we’re looking forward to fixing your sauna.
LuxSauna was a reputable luxury infrared company that was based in Tampa, Florida. LuxSaunas opened in 1999 and led the way in infrared sauna technology for the home before closing in 2012. In its years of operation, LuxSauna sold approximately 20,000 infrared saunas to satisfied customers across the USA and beyond. LuxSauna’s mission was to create a luxury and holistic infrared sauna exper...
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